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Tax Appeal Appraisals

Tax Appeal Appraisals

homeowners or government agencies can establish the value of a piece of real estate through a tax assessment. Usually, an appraiser from the government determines the amount of tax due on a property using the assessed value of the property.

However, when a tax appraiser carries out a tax assessment, the tax bill reported by the appraiser may not be accepted by the homeowner, and every homeowner has the right to a tax appeal.

A tax assessment appeal is a process a property taxpayer initiates when they disagree with the appraised value of their home.

Typically, appealing tax appraisals generates different questions, and below are some of the most common questions on tax appeal appraisals;

What is a tax appeal appraisal?

When appealing a tax appraisal by a government appraiser, they typically require the homeowner to provide certain information, including their opinion of the property's value. The homeowner can best submit their opinion as a tax appeal appraisal report.

A tax appeal appraisal is a professional appraisal of a property carried out by a licensed and certified tax appraiser to provide the property's actual value.

Why do I need to hire an appraisal company?

Usually, different states have varying requirements for appraisers to be licensed to work in their state. Due to the importance of a tax appeal appraisal, it is essential to hire professional appraisal companies whose reports the board will accept.

If you reside within Anne Arundel and Prince George's County in Maryland, Washington D.C, Baltimore County, and the environs, our knowledge, and experience in tax appeal appraisals make us the best appraisal company.

Can an appraisal company represent me at my tax appeal hearing?

Your authorized appraisal company can represent you at your tax appeal hearing. However, you must provide the appraisal company's name as your authorized agent.

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